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We are quite certain that ours is the very best display of every type of air conditioning system you will come across.

We offer mobiles, portables, window/wall units, high or low wall units, and ceiling suspended. We also have ceiling mounted cassette systems, and a variety of really novel air conditioning model ideas.

Each of the ranges are available as HEAT PUMPS or straight cooling only, and every one is either delivered ready for instant action, or it requires fairly straightforward installation, for which full instructions are supplied.

DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! We obviously cannot display every model and every make of air conditioning equipment that is available. If there is a particular model or manufacturer you require, and you cannot find it on our site – contact us, and we will make every effort to obtain it for you at low low prices. ANY SIZE, BIG OR SMALL, WE WILL DO IT ALL.

We subsidise a nationwide network of professional air conditioning installation teams that can carry out the complete installation at such a low cost it is really not worth doing it yourself.

We guarantee our installations for one year and even give a free service and maintenance visit to your installed equipment following the first six months of use.

It is in our interests to ensure that your air conditioning purchase is installed and operating at peak efficiency so that you tell your friends, and you will also call us when you want more.

Buy with confidence, buy before the heat gets to you