Through Wall Air Conditioning Unit Cooling Only

Cooling only Unit giving 2.05kW of cooling duty
Window/Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioning Unit from Fujitsu. This model is the baby of the range , but it packs a lot of cooling into its small body. Gives a total cooling duty of 6970btu/hr., or 2.05kW. Complete with specially designed sound reducing fan, this neat little unit is ideal for your bedroom or any other room in your house.
Completely integral unit fitted on a chassis base that slides easily into the outer cabinet. This enables very easy installation. You fit the outer case into the area you want the unit and secure it all down, then just slide in the air conditioning unit, plus it in, and away you go.
System complete with adjustable air discharge, and easily removed air filters for cleaning. No need to suffer from Hay Fever this Summer. Keep all the doors and windows shut whilst staying cool and filtering and drying your own personal air – beautiful.
Dimensions are: Height 349mm X Width 457mm X Depth 456mm. Weight is 27Kg., and the noise level is only 47.5db(A) to a maximum of 52.5db(A).

Wall Mounted Hushon Heat Pump Air Conditioning Unit

Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Conditioning System by Hushon giving 3.51kW of cooling and an impressive 3.81kW of heating

Smart, modern Hushon Heat Pump wall mounted air conditioning system packed with modern up to the minute features.

Multiple, fan speed selection, air flow direction control, timer setting giving 24 hour on/off, self diagnosis function, sleep mode, time delay safety function. Wireless remote control.

Easily installed this wall mounted system will give terrific benefit to any selected area both aesthetic and local environment. Total cooling capacity is 11934btu/hr., or 3.51kW., with a total heating capability of 12954btu/hr., or 3.81kW.

Low cost operation with a total running current of just 5.8amps. Moisture removal can be as high as 1.5L/hr. Low noise level of 36db(A) at 1m for the indoor unit. Outside unit features a rotary compressor that allows the exceptional low noise level for this outside system of only 46db(A) at 1m.

Dimensions are, for the inside unit, Width 888mm X Height 287mm X Depth 170mm. Weight is only 9Kgs. For the outside unit the Width is 770mm X Height 540mm X Depth 245mm. Total weight of the outside unit is 35Kgs. A recommended buy.

Dont forget – if you need to pump or suck away condensate water silently and efficiently with an easily concealed automatic pump – we offer a super one – best you will get – in our Helpful Hints section.

Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

A Modern styled mobile air conditioning unit giving 7500btu/hr of cooling duty

A very smart modern styled Mobile Air Conditioning Unit with easy to move castorsvstyle wheels. Weight of the complete system is only 28Kg., and the dimensions are: Height 775mm X Width 326mm X Depth 410mm. Noise level is only 40db(A). The moisture removal rate or dehumidification is 1L/hr.

The recoved water from the air conditioning unit is a quiet bonus. It is super for your car batteries and steam iron. This stylish unit features electronic softb touch controls and a digital display panel

Functions include 8 hours adjustable off timer, three fan speeds to select your exact cool air requirement, fan only facility, condensate receiver complete with a “full” light indication. System supplied complete with vent hose and fittings ready for immediate operation from a 13amp plug.

Wall Mounted HEAT PUMP Air Conditioning Unit

Fujitsu Wall Mounted HEAT PUMP split air conditioning unit. A very nice smart modern air handling unit to proudly show the neighbours. This model 7 is the baby of the range but it still packs in plenty of duty. Total cooling is 2.05kW and the total heating is 2.3kW.

Features include hand held remote controller for full operation control through all functions. Automatic air flow adjustment to ensure a more constant room temperature. Sleep timer gradually changes room temperature. Auto re-start with operation mode memory back up. Timer for on and timer for off functions. Dry function. Auto change over from heating to cooling as room conditions alter against your required set temperature.

Dimensions of the indoor air handler are: Height 248mm X Width 808mm X Depth 163mm. Weight is 7.5Kg., and the noise level is only 34db(A) – 37db(A) – 39db(A) at the three selectable fan speeds of Low, Medium and High. Easily removable air filter makes cleaning simple.

Dimensions of the outside unit are: Height 535mm X Width 650mm X Depth 250mm. Weight of the outdoor unit is 25Kg., and the noise level is low at only 46db(A)

System is sent complete as two units and includes remote controller and full instructions.

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