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Evaporator coils are usually damp from condensation and are placed in a cool, dark place. It’s an environment ideal for breeding bacteria and other microorganisms. And since all of the air that comes into the passenger cabin must go through the evaporator system, every time you heat or cool your car, or even let fresh air in through the vents, that air picks up contamination from the evaporator system and blows it in your face.  
DWD2 Evaporator System Cleaner is a revolutionary way to clean the evaporator system of your car. Using a patented delivery system, DWD2washes away the road grime, dirt and debris that build up in your evaporator system. DWD2 also gets rid of the bug-parts, pet hair and nicotine oils that accumulate on the evaporator core. This means that you have cleaner air through your ventilation system all year!  

DWD2 Washes the Evaporator


Evaporator Cleaned with DWD2

Cleaning the evaporator coils helps the ventilation system to operate properly. You get more air, a more effective ventilation system whether heating or cooling, colder air when cooling, and fresh-smelling, cleaner air.