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Cooling only Unit giving 2.05kW of cooling duty
Window/Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioning Unit from Fujitsu. This model is the baby of the range , but it packs a lot of cooling into its small body. Gives a total cooling duty of 6970btu/hr., or 2.05kW. Complete with specially designed sound reducing fan, this neat little unit is ideal for your bedroom or any other room in your house.
Completely integral unit fitted on a chassis base that slides easily into the outer cabinet. This enables very easy installation. You fit the outer case into the area you want the unit and secure it all down, then just slide in the air conditioning unit, plus it in, and away you go.
System complete with adjustable air discharge, and easily removed air filters for cleaning. No need to suffer from Hay Fever this Summer. Keep all the doors and windows shut whilst staying cool and filtering and drying your own personal air – beautiful.
Dimensions are: Height 349mm X Width 457mm X Depth 456mm. Weight is 27Kg., and the noise level is only 47.5db(A) to a maximum of 52.5db(A).