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Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Conditioning System by Hushon giving 2.63kW of cooling and an impressive 2.72kW of heating

Smart, modern Hushon Heat Pump wall mounted air conditioning system packed with modern up to the minute features.

Multiple, fan speed selection, air flow direction control, timer setting giving 24 hour on/off, self diagnosis function, sleep mode, time delay safety function. Wireless remote control.

Easily installed this wall mounted system will give terrific benefit to any selected area both aesthetic and local environment. Total cooling capacity is 8942btu/hr., or 2.63kW., with a total heating capability of 9248btu/hr., or 2.72kW.

Low cost operation with a total running amps of just 3.9. Moisture removal can be as high as 1.2l/hr. Low noise level of 33db(A) at 1m for the indoor unit. Outside unit features a rotary compressor that allows the exceptional low noise level for this outside system of only 46db(A) at 1m.

Dimensions are, for the inside unit, Width 802mm X Height 262mm X Depth 165mm. Weight is only 7Kgs. For the outside unit the Width is 770mm X Height 540mm X Depth 245mm. Total weight of the outside unit is 33Kgs. A recommended buy.

Dont forget – if you need to pump or suck away condensate water silently and efficiently with an easily concealed automatic pump – we offer a super one – best you will get – in our Helpful Hints section.